The following notes contain some important information about the race, which will help the day run smoothly and ensure that everyone enjoys the event. Please take some time to read through it.


First Waves for Sprint Tri Start at 7am with the slowest sprint competitors going off first, GoTri Competitors will start their swim as soon as the Sprint Athletes have completed their swims.


You will need to set your sat nav for Pool in the Park Woking if you have never been to the venue before the address is shown below.

Woking Park, Kingfield Rd, Woking, Surrey GU22 9BA, United Kingdom

You are welcome to park anywhere available within the main car park and there are plenty of spaces available. Pool in the Park is the left of the two buildings when viewed from the car park. Registration & Transition are located to the rear of the pool in the park building.

A map of the venue is provided at the back of this pack.

The race start list will be posted on the race series website a few days before the event. This will show the competitor’s race number. Please make a note of your race number as this will speed up registration. The start list is created based on the swim and race time estimates you have given us, and all efforts will be made to place you with swimmers of a similar ability.

There are different waves of different abilities so please don’t be alarmed if you think you are out of position. This is why it is important to give us accurate swim times if possible. You can correct your entry via email up until the Sunday before the race, after which no changes can be made.


REGISTRATION (Open from 06.00)

You will need to register before your race starts.

Registration will remain open from 6am until the Junior Race start at 11am.

Registration is located as marked on the venue map below.

On arrival at registration please quote your bib number (issued by email before the race) and surname.

On registering, you will be given your race packet which contains your race number which must be worn during the race as soon as you leave transition and your timing chip.



Race briefings will be sent out electronically prior to the event further explaining the event, how it functions and any last-minute issues we are aware of. A verbal briefing is available as shown on the schedule a rolling basis at the info point at the bandstand.




Sprint & Aquathlon – You will swim 400m (16 lengths) starting in groups of 4 within each lane.

You will swim 150m in lane 1 and then pass under the rope into lane 2, from there you will “snake” through the rest of the pool completing 50m in each lane before passing under the rope until you reach the exit.

There is now no requirement for swim caps although you may wear one if you wish.

Super Sprint – We will whip you prior to the start of the race into order you will then set off at short timed intervals (between 25-30 seconds) in speed order for the 200m. You will swim in a “snake” system whereby you pass up and down the lane before moving over one lane. You will do this 4 times to complete 200m and then exit the pool.


  • No wetsuits allowed.
  • Please be ready at poolside for your wave start 10 minutes before your quoted start time.
  • Competitors that have missed their start time, may not be allowed to start the race.
  • If you want to overtake, tap the feet of the person in front they will let you pass at the end of the length.
  • If someone taps your feet, let them past at the end of the length, marshals will be supervising the pool to ensure you comply with this rule and let faster swimmers go past.
  • After 16 lengths, you will need to exit via the pool edge. If you require assistance getting out of the pool (ladder) please let us know prior to race start.
  • No Calf Guards allowed.


The Bike Course consists of an out section, an anti clockwise looped circuit and a return leg. You will complete the out section, followed by the circuit section before returning to transition via the return leg.

Super Sprint Competitors will complete 1 lap of the loop before returning.
Sprint Competitors will complete 2 laps of the loop before returning.


Non Compete Zones

The access road for the leisure centre both in and out of the venue is a non compete zone. We have allowed a maximum time of 3 minutes from exiting transition to getting out the end of the road. The same applies on the way back in. This gives you enough time to safely navigate any traffic but not enough time for a picnic.


The run course consits of a lapped circuit within the park. These are clearly sign posted and coned, with marshalls located at key locations. You can view the course on the venue map above as the route showed in red.

GoTri will complete 2 laps of the park totalling 3.3km
Sprint & Aquathlon will complete 3 laps of the park totalling 5km

The park is open to members of the general public and large sections of the course are shared use so please be aware there walkers on the course. Please show consideration to other park users at all times.


BEFORE entering transition, you will need to place one of your number stickers on the front of your bike (somewhere easily visible), and the other number sticker on the front centre of your helmet.

You will also need to put on your race number, which will allow you entry in and out of transition.


• Before entering Transition after registering, your bike and helmet will be checked to ensure they comply with BTF rules. Please put your helmet on at this time
• Please take note of how the transition area works and your path to avoid post swim confusion. There is no numbered racking but please ensure you are in your allocated row.
• The number range of each row will be signed at either end of the rows – this will be indicated on the Start list when published.
• There is one entry for the swim in and run out please keep left and be careful of other competitors.


To ensure bike security, bikes will not be allowed to be removed from transition (to go home) until all competitors have started the run course. This should be at around 10.30am


You will run from the pool to transition where you will don your trainers and anything else you wish to wear on the run. From there you will head back out via the swim in/run out exit to start the run course.


Your race numbers must be visible from the back on the bike and from the front on the run so take care when attaching. 2 Numbers are provided. Race belts are strongly recomended.

Timing Chips will be collected at the finish line. If for some reason you DNF and don’t bring your bike back to transition, please remember to give the chip to a marshal and let them know you didn’t finish the race.


In order to reduce congestion no bags or boxes may be stored with your bike in transition. All bags/boxes must be placed to one side or secured within lockers within the venue changing rooms. We strongly reccomend that all items of value and where possible including transition bags are stored inside lockers. Locker Keys must be retained on your person or friends/family, not race marshals. Fullsteam Events shall not be held liable for any items that go missing from transition.

Note: It is the competitor’s responsibility to know the rules of triathlon
and the race course.
BTF rules require competitors to be wearing a securely fastened bike helmet before they take their bike from the racking and not to remove it until the bike is back on the racking after the bike section.
Tri suits and tops must be zipped up to the max if they open at the front and kept on at all times, otherwise a penalty will be applied.

You are reminded that you are required to adhere to the Highway code throughout the bike section of the race and that these take place on open road.Please do not take undue risks not only to yourself and other road users but please remember also that the continuation of our race and ultimately the sport in the UK is dependent upon your behaviour.Please remember you have a duty of care as a cyclist on the road and have contractually agreed under the terms and conditions of entry to abide by the Highway code, hence any infractions by yourself which jeopardise the race may lead to disqualification.

We have static marshals at ley locations on the bike course and they will report you if you are seen to be breaking these rules. One of their key tasks is to identify anyone gaining UNFAIR ADVANTAGE through drafting.


Under BTF sanctioned events you must not leave equipment or personal gear on the race course. Which includes littering out on the course.Yes, a gel wrapper is considered equipment under this rule.It is an offence under UK law to drop litter in any place open to the air, including private land, so if you are seen dropping litter on the course you will be automatically disqualified.Put used gel wrappers and the like in your bike jersey and discard them in transition. If a water bottle is launched from your bottle cage when you hit a bump in the road, turn around and pick it up.

In case of any accidents and emergencies we have first aiders located both within Woking Park and out on the bike course. Marshals will have their contact numbers so please ask them for assistance if required.

Spectators are most welcome at the race and have an opportunity to see the swim, transition, run and finish.

Good locations to view participants are
• Within the general public areas around transition.
• The Mayford roundabout.
• The finish line area

Please cheer on all participants and not just those you are there to support

We will provide race results on the day. Due to the drawn out nature of the morning with staggered starts over several hours prizes will be sent out in the post once final results have been issued.

Full results will be available within a couple of hours on our chip timing suppliers’ website  and our own website.

Prizes are awarded in the following categories at each race:
Male and Female
Overall 1st Place, Overall 2nd place, Overall 3rd place

Age group winners – Male and Female
Senior (20–39)
Vet (40–49)
Super Vet (50–59)
Vintage (60–69)
Super Vintage (70–79)
Classic (80+)

Awards will be sent out after the event in the post once final times have all been confirmed.

If you have any further questions, please check the website,, where there are interactive maps of the course and more.

If you still need assistance, send an email to [email protected]

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on race day.

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