Updated Bike Course

Due to the introduction of roadworks and new traffic junctions on Egley Road we have taken the decision to change the bike course. We've brought this change forward to Spring 2018 having reviewed the quality of this section of road and will now return to the venue the same way you go out.

New Bike Course

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Woking – Sprint Triathlon Route v2.1 Timed Section.gpx”]

Non Compete Zones

There is a non compete zone on the course on the way into and out of the venue.
The non compete starts after you mount the bike and ends once you have turned out of / in to the venue.

This is for competitors safety and you are encouraged to proceed safely in this section of the course.

Traffic Lights

There are one set of traffic lights on the course you may get caught at over a hump back bridge. A Marshall will be at this location and will place a paddle close to you're timing chip to record the stop/start with the lights.