Woking Novice Info


Swim – 200m (Snake)

Bike – 14.5km

Run – 3.3km



The swim is based out of the competition pool at Pool in the Park in Woking. Operated by Freedom leisure this 6 lane competition pool provides the perfect environment for our event complete with a viewing gallery for spectators/supporters.

Your race day will see you start in the pool and completing 8 lengths in a snake style swim whereby you go up and down the same lane before passing under the rope into the next lane. You continue this 4 times until your out the pool.

We ensure swim starts are adequately spaced to allow sufficient space between competitors providing one complete length between competitors.

Swimmers will be organised on the day by approximate swim time with slowest competitors starting last to minimise nerves for those competing in triathlon for the first time.


On exiting transition you’ll mount your bike and head out of the leisure centre.

The open road course will see you pass head out of Woking towards Mayford where you will complete one lap of our looped circuit before heading back to the leisure centre and returning to transition.

There is one set of traffic lights located on a hump back bridge, this section of the course is neutralised by the chip timing system so that competitors are not adversely affected.

Other then a few cheeky inclines the course is largely flat and fast on mostly quiet country roads.


Following completion of the bike leg of the event you will leave transition and run out into the park where you will complete two anti-clockwise laps of the course before heading to the finish line located in the centre of our race village – whatever you do, don’t forget to smile for family and friends who will hopefully be waiting for you!

The run is based in Woking Park and features a largely fast albeit twisty course within the park. The course used is 80% tarmac and 20% trail along hard packed good paths.

As a lapped course you’ll pass through the central part of the park several times presenting a great opportunity for support from friends, family and club mates.