Swim – 400m             Run – 5km


The swim is based out of the competition pool at Pool in the Park in Woking. Operated by Freedom leisure this 6 lane competition pool provides the perfect environment for our event complete with a viewing gallery for spectators/supporters.

Your race day will see you start in the pool and completing a 16 length swim in lane.

A lane counter will be assigned to your lane to ensure the correct number of lengths is completed.

Upon sign up all swimmers will be asked for a 400m time by which all swimmers shall be seeded into waves.

If you wish to swim backstroke or breaststroke during the swim portion of the event please let us know in advance and we will allocate you to lanes specifically for these strokes.


Following completion of the swim leg of the event you will leave transition and run out into the park where you will completing three anti-clockwise laps of the course before heading to the finish line – whatever you do, don’t forget to smile for family, friends  & the camera.

The run is based in Woking Park and features a largely fast albeit twisty course within the park. The course used is 80% tarmac and 20% trail along hard packed good paths.

As a lapped course you’ll pass through the central part of the park several times presenting a great opportunity for support from friends, family and club mates.

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