Without our volunteers it would be impossible for us to run our events. To show our appreciation to our volunteers we provide a number of rewards for helping us run our events.




If you’re an individual, not associated with a group, team, or business, we’ll reward you with the same value of race entry as an individual entry on account for use in entering a future event.  The account can even be shared with friends and family so even if you don’t participate in the sport yourself you can get involved.

We’ll give you free food and drink on the day to make sure you don’t get hungry and we normally take all the volunteers our for a bite to eat after the event. You’ll also get some of the same great sponsor benefits our athletes do on the day.


Triathlon Clubs


We’ve worked with local Triathlon Clubs to develop a whole host of benefits for those clubs which attend our events.

We know for club members its not just about racing by yourself its about being part of a team and socialising with like minded individuals. We share this outlook and try to support it as best we can. In addition to your individual benefits if your triathlon club has more then 10 people racing and/or volunteering you can bring your own club house.

We’ll provide you with space in the race village for you to put up a Gazebo and advertise your club.

We’ll also provide private bike racking, tables and chair for your clubhouse.


Non Profit Groups


For any non-profit group, such as school, university, rotary, church, or Guide/Scout groups that helps us out we can return the favour by assisting you to promote yourself locally, gain more outreach and by providing an opportunity to fund raise at our events.

At our events in partnership with our sponsors we run a number of fun paid activities that our manned by volunteer groups. The proceeds from these activities are split between the event organiser in order to cover our costs and the charity which helps run the stall. These provide a fun way for particularly youth groups to contribute to our event.

If you have any activities you would particularly like to organise yourself please get in touch and let us know and we will be happy to accommodate.


To Volunteer at one of our events please get in touch via the form below;

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