Swim Solstice

19th JUNE 2021


Swim Equinox

25th SEPTEMBER 2021


Swimmers will compete either solo, in pairs or in teams of 3 to see who can complete the largest number of laps within the 3 hour time limit. The first tow hours are by daylight, and the final hour by twilight.


Now going into its third year at our Swim Solstice and Equinox events swimmers compete either solo, in pairs or teams of 3 to see who can complete the largest number of laps in the time given. 

The swim begins in daylight and finishes in darkness so for the final hour of the swim, with swimmers donning lights, glow sticks and tow floats to put on a light show for those on shore.

Laps are 1000m long for the first 2 hours and reduce to 500m for the final twilight hour. The current number of laps is displayed on shore so supporters & team mates can see how the scores are progressing.


Our Summer Solstice event takes place around the longest day of the year and embraces all things summer, it might be the closest we get to a beach holiday in 2021. We’ll be firing up the BBQ and turning up the tunes for a beach party atmosphere out the water.


At the end of the season its time for one last go around, lighting the fires, beating the cold and embracing the dark of night. This event features darker skies and a truly magical night swim experience.


This year we have moved the event to the fantastic Thorpe Lakes. This gives us the opportunity to expand the event and make the most of this beautiful lake and facility.

The course consists of an anti clockwise loop. The course length is 1km for the first two hours and 500m for the last hour.

At the end of each loop you will select to either continue on for another lap or exit the water to take on food/drink or tag a teammate.

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This event is covered by Event Protect. If the event is cancelled, you can apply for a refund directly from Event Protect provided the cancellation is covered by their insurance policy. Learn more about Event Protect


You will want to be a confident and relaxed open water swimmer to make the most of this event so training outdoors before the event is highly recommended. 

No you will be able to exit the lake upon completion of each lap, rest/refeed and reenter as required.

We will be using an electronic timing system which provides accurate lap counts reported live to the screens. Each team will have a timing band which will be used to record lap counts.

As a sports nutrition company needless to say there will be nutrition and feed stations available on course and on land during the event. If you intend to use our products during your training you may want to take advantage of some of our offers and purchase pre race.

You have full use of the changing facilities, toilets and external catering.

Normally yes although due to social distancing we are having to limit numbers on site in 2020. We ask that if you are attending in pairs and teams you keep to those numbers only, solo’s may bring along a supporter.

For the night portion of the swim you will be required to use a tow float, which you will need to bring to the event. We will supply the glow sticks to attach to or store in the float in order to illuminate it.

14 as part of a team, 16 solo.


Launch Pricing Until 1st Of April.


Launch Pricing Until 1st Of April.

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