Sprint Triathlon Marshall Race Briefing

Hi Marshalls!

Thanks for volunteering your time

Please find below information for the event on Sunday


Marshall Positions


BibStart TimeWaveNameLast nameTeam NameTeam Member - SwimName of Team Member - BikeName of Team Member - Run
207:001SarahHempenstallVTC2Sarah HempenstallLisa PriceAmy Hempenstall
1707:001NickChristianVTC 17Amelie ChristianSebastian PotiriadisNick Christian
307:001MikeCrowsonVTC3Mike CrowsonGary EmanuelJames Maitland
507:001DavidSmeltVTC5David SmeltStephanie GoodallPeter Bell
607:022LloydCosgroveVTC 6Lloyd CosgroveLexie WilliamsonAdam Wellas
707:022AnneRenshawVTC7Laura AddieAnne RenshawRichard Jones
1607:022LaurenceFlavellVTC16Dan MaddenMalcolm SimpsonLauerence Flavell
407:022ChrisFordVTC4Chris FordChris PenfoldStewart Fry
1007:053CarlFisherVTC10Carl FisherFi DowthwaiteKevin Dargue
107:053MartyClarkVTC1Margo ClarkMarty ClarkLauren Yeoman
907:053JasminKidsonVTC 9Jasmin KidsonDarren KidsonEly Morgardo
1307:053ChrisWilliamsVTC13Chris WilliamsCarla GibleyChristopher Clarke
1807:074LucyCollins (VTC)VTC18Lucy CollinsNick CollinsLucy Collins
2207:074stuartsimmsVTC22stuart simmsTegwynne GoldthropeDavid Hegarty
807:074NIcWilkinsonVTC8Nic WilkinsonAndy TolsonDuncan Harding
1107:074StevenMilliganVTC 11Amy Clark-Turpin-MilliganLouise CurtisSteven Milligan
1507:105RichardSingletonVTC15Joanna SingletonJamal ShakirRichard Singleton
1907:105IanSaundersVTC19Ian SaundersOliver BarrettJames Mitchell
1407:105RupertBrownVTC14Rupert BrownJohn PercyPhil Sumner
2107:105KeithMellorVCT21Keith MellorAlex DunningTony Crawte
2307:126LanceKessonVTC 23Lance KessonLarissa ClayJason Gardner
1207:126VTC 12VTC 12VTC12Laurie Anthony AvadisJames Paul MannSYLWIA MILKOWSKA
2407:157VirginiaDa Silva-RoweSquadra Don BoscoKat McEvoyVirginia Da Silva-RoweConor Delane


Race Information

  • Please take a quick read of the race information pack here: Woking Spring Race Pack
  • Additional course information is available here
  • Marshall Briefing is at 8.00AM by registration
  • Lunch and Drinks at a local pub after site strip down


Swim additional info

  • Swimmers are started in waves at half length intervals and will be counted down by the timing official prior to starting.
  • Swimmers are adequately spaced to allow sufficient space within a lane but its possible you may catch up with the swimmer in front, if you do tap their heels and they will let you pass at the end of the length
  • All swimmers are responsible for counting their own lengths.
  • Swimmers shall be spot checked by Marshall’s and any swimmer found not to be completing the correct number of lengths will be awarded a 1 minute time penalty per length not completed.
  • Swimmers shall exit the pool by climbing out the side at the same end they entered the.
  • No Tumble Turns are allowed
  • No backstroke is allowed – If you need to rest before continuing please do so to one side at the end of a lane.

Bike Course additional info

  • In the event of any problems your first point of contact will be via Comms on the number above.
  • Comms will inform Bike Director etc and arrange the movement of Marshall’s to rectify the problem.
  • In the event of an incident or complaints by the general public do not communicate with the individual or press just refer any enquiries back to HQ for comment.

Any questions please get in touch