We’re here to help provide scientifically backed guidance to allow you to accurately train, track and make improvements in your performance.


Suffering from niggles, finding running awkward or simply looking for more speed talk to us about our run coaching. We will;

– Perform Slow Motion Video Capture & Analysis

– Instruct Running Cues & Drills

– Recommend Strength & Conditioning Exercises

– Advise on how to structure your training.

Over the course of several follow up running sessions we help ensure good technique is taking shape and that you are now running better.


If you want to improve your resilience to injury, build strength and promote long term health including a programme of strength & conditioning into your training is simply essential.

We can teach you;

– The Essential Movements For Developing Strength.

– Supplemental Sports Specific Exercises

– How To Structure Progressive Training Programmes.

– How To Maximise Performance.