Q. When should I use RACESTAK Pre-workout?

A. For maximum effect, you should consume RACESTAK approximately 30-45 minutes before your workout following a 12 hour period of no caffeine.

Q. What is the main reason for using RACESTAK Pre-workout?

To provide an energy boost, support the body during intense training and reduce the perception of fatigue. RACESTAK is perfect for when training gets intense when you’re striving for PB’s, conquering hills or hitting those upper training zones.

Q. At what age can I use a product like RACESTAK?

Due to the high caffeine content we recommend RACESTAK Pre-workout should not to be consumed by anyone under the age of 18 years old.

Q. Is RACESTAK suitable to be taken by vegetarians and vegans?

Yes RACESTAK is suitable for vegetarians and Vegans.

Q. Can I use RACESTAK with other supplements?

Yes, although you should be aware of the caffeine content of other products you may be consuming. We recommend you aim to restrict your caffeine intake to just RACESTAK before your workouts on training days.