FORTITUDE – 30 Day Challenge

In this challenge we’ll see who’s finished first.

Will you complete the 30 days and come out the other side stronger in mind and body or will you cave in and quit.


Here’s how the challenge works;

  • 30 Days – 30 Runs – You vs You (with the support of the ADV Club).
  • Register for the Challenge Online.
  • Complete Your 30 Days.
  • Submit Proof via the submission page and receive your patch in the post.
  • Help from our community on Facebook and Strava and receive encouragement, tips and motivation throughout the year


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30 Days to Earn It

This 30 day run challenge will help reinforce your ability to suck it up, battle those inner demons and even when you don’t want to get out the door and get it done.

To complete the challenge you will;
– Run every day for 30 days.
– Run either 3, 4 or 5 miles to earn your patch.

  • Shortest Day of 3 miles = Blue Patch
  • Shortest Day of 4 miles = Red Patch.
  • Shortest Day of 5 miles = Black Patch.

Before Starting the Programme you should ideally be
– Running regularly 4-5 times a week
– Be comfortable running the required distance in those sessions

Join Us Online & In Person

You can join our Facebook Group and swap war stories of how you’re getting on with the sessions.

You can join our Strava club and see how other people are getting on with the sessions.

You can interact also interact with us on Instagram using the hashtags #FORTITUDECHALLENGE and by tagging our page @Fullsteamlive.

Of course you can also join us in person at our Fortitude events in the Spring and Autumn, flying your challenge gear.




Do I need to be super fit to take part in this programme?

No, you need to be willing to suffer a bit and put the work in.

Everything else is scalable.

That being said this is a 30 day run every day programme packed full of challenging workouts. You should feel ready to take on that challenge and not be carrying injuries that are likely to flare up when subjected to that kind of running frequency.

From which countries do you accept entries?

We currently accept entries from the UK, Europe, USA and Canada with more coming soon.

What happens if I need to take a day off?

One hour is 4% of your day and when you commit to the challenge you commit to sticking to the plan for 30 days. There will be days you want to quit but for 30 days you need to shut down that little internal voice, giving yourself a little slap and get your trainers on.

If for whatever reason you do get sidelined you can chat to your coach and restart the challenge when you wish as long as you start before the end of June when 20.2 will be released.