Fuelling Performance | Exercise Nutrition | Step 3: Protein & BCAA’s

STEP 2 In step 2 of our Fuelling Performance guide, we discussed hydration and its role in exercise. Ever wanted to know how best to fuel your athletic endeavours? We took your top questions to Ted Munson a top Performance Nutritionist to produce this series of blogs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHHUK7MwDDU Exercise Nutrition: Protein & BCAA’s Protein is

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ATH “100 Hill Sprints” 10/6/19

This week is all power. For today’s workout following your warm-up find a steep hill or 10% or higher grade lasting at least 100m with a 100m run in and finish your warm up with an easy cruise up the hill and back down again. 

When you’re ready you can start;

3 Rounds of “100 Hill Sprints”

100m – Run in

100m – Hill Sprint

200m – Downhill jog back down to start

Repeat x10

400m Per Repeat

4km Total

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ATT “Higher or Lower” 10/6/19

ATT Higher Or Lower

Using either a treadmill, track or a flat fast section of path 200m long for an out and back.

Complete as many rounds as possible in a 20 minute timecap of:

200m Hard

200m Recovery

Each hard effort should get faster as you work through the repeats.

If you fail to go faster on the hard 200m effort slow down and add an extra 200m to the recovery (400m) and then repeat the hard effort. 

Pace accordingly and allow yourself some room early on to go faster later.

Score two ways:

Total number of hard 200m repetitions completed within the time cap. 
Record fastest 200m time

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