GoTri Woking Standard Race Information

We would like to welcome all of you to GoTri Woking. We wish all of you who have entered this event good luck with your final preparation and training for the race, We request that you read fully all the details outlined below.

Pool in the Park
Woking Park,
Kingfield Road,
GU22 9BA

Directions & Parking
Once you have found the leisure centre & pool in the park, please park in the main car park provided.

Registration & Transition are located to the rear of the pool in the park building.

Site Map

Morning Overview
8.30AM – Registration, Transition & Venue Open to competitors
9.15AM – Registration & Transition Closes.
9.30AM – Adult Briefing at Poolside
9.35AM – First GoTri Competitor Starts
9.45AM – Junior Briefing at Poolside
c.10AM – Junior Aquathlon Race Starts


Registration will take place to the rear of pool in the park outside transition.Do not leave it until five minutes before registration closes to attend.

At registration you will need to provide photo ID confirming your identity and will then receive your timing chip which will allow you entry to Transition.

Transition & Bike Racking

Competitors are able to rack their bikes prior to the event between 8.30AM-9.15AM.

Competitors will select their own racking placement on the day, please note that you should never touch or move another competitors bike, if you require assistance to rack ask a Marshall.
All bags should be either stored in a locker or left up against the building  in transition out the way.

If this is your first triathlon we suggest you take 5 minutes to watch the below video on how to set up transition.

Entering the Pool 

You will be required to walk around the outside of the building to the main entrance of the leisure centre to enter the pool. This walk is on a mixture of grass and tarmac and can either be done either in flip flops or barefoot.

Please note once inside the building you will not be able to take anything back to transition.

Indoor Changing
Once you have set up your transition please make your way inside the venue and change into your race/swim clothing. Please store all equipment including transition bags inside lockers. Locker Keys must be retained on your person or friends/family, not race marshals.

Race Briefing
There will be a race briefing at poolside at 9am for all athletes. Please attend this race briefing as any last minute changes, as well as any questions will be answered here.


Start Times
The race is a individual start event with each participant entering the water and starting approx 30 seconds apart.

We request that faster swimmers come to the front of the queue and those wanting additional time go to the back.

Timing System

The timing system for our GoTri events uses an electronic timing system.

You will be supplied with a race number which will be either

  • pinned to your front or
  • attached to a race belt and displayed rear on the bike, front on the run.

Your individual start time will be recorded by the device when the Marshall tells you to start, and then compared to your own individual finish time.

No split times will be provided and if you wish to keep track of these please record your own times.

All results will be available at the finish line this year and posted online after the event.

Course Routes

Course routes can be viewed here

Racing And The Highway Code
You are reminded that you are required to adhere to the Highway code throughout the bike section of the race and that these take place on open road.Please do not take undue risks not only to yourself and other road users but please remember also that the continuation of our race and ultimately the sport in the UK is dependent upon your behaviour.Please remember you have a duty of care as a cyclist on the road and have contractually agreed under the terms and conditions of entry to abide by the Highway code, hence any infractions by yourself which jeopardise the race may lead to disqualification.

Under BTF sanctioned events you must not leave equipment or personal gear on the race course. Which includes littering out on the course.Yes, a gel wrapper is considered equipment under this rule.It is an offence under UK law to drop litter in any place open to the air, including private land, so if you are seen dropping litter on the course you will be automatically disqualified.Put used gel wrappers and the like in your bike jersey and discard them in transition. If a water bottle is launched from your bottle cage when you hit a bump in the road, turn around and pick it up.

Please note that the cafe within Woking Leisure Centre is available to those competitors wanting a drink or something to eat following the event.