The following notes contain some important information about the race, which will help the day run smoothly and ensure that everyone enjoys the event. Please take some time to read through it.

First Waves for Junior Event start at around 9.50am with the oldest competitors going off first, each age group will follow as soon as the last competitor from the previous group has entered the water. We will start the juniors as soon as the adults have finished their swim.


You will need to set your sat nav for Pool in the Park Woking if you have never been to the venue before the address is shown below.

Woking Park, Kingfield Rd, Woking, Surrey GU22 9BA, United Kingdom

You are welcome to park anywhere available within the main car park and there are plenty of spaces available. Pool in the Park is the left of the two buildings when viewed from the car park. Registration & Transition are located to the rear of the pool in the park building.

A map of the venue is provided below.

The race start list will be posted on the race series website a few days before the event and will show the juniors group by category.

Everyone MUST register before the race starts. Registration is located as marked on the venue map.

Please quote your Surname, which is shown in the entry list. On registering, you will be given your race packet which contains your race number which must be worn during the race as soon as you leave transition and your timing chip.




Juniors will swim the correct race distance in a snake style swim.

They will swim in a “snake” system whereby they swim up and down the lane before moving over one lane and repeating. We will start all juniors in the correct position for their age category.

  • Tristar 1 – Straight 100m Swim
  • Tristar 2 – Straight 150m Swim
  • Tristar 3 – Straight 200m Swim
  • Youth – Straight 200m Swim

Juniors will be set off at short timed intervals (between 25-30 seconds or 1 length whichever comes sooner). Swimmers will be seeded by time or confidence on the day.

There’s a short barefoot run from the pool to transition before the juniors start the run.

• No wetsuits allowed.
• Swimmers should always pass at the end of the lane and this will be explained to them in the briefing to ensure they comply with this rule and let faster swimmers go past.
• When they reach the end, they will need to exit via either the pool edge or the supplied ladder.

• No Calf Guards allowed.


The run course consists of a lapped run circuit within the park. These are clearly sign posted and coned, with marshalls located at key locations. You can view the course on the venue map above as the route showed in red and is the same course as the adults will be using.

The number of laps to be completed is as follows;

  • Tristar 1 – 1 lap of the Course (1km)
  • Tristar 2 – 2 laps of the Course (2km)
  • Tristar 3 – 3 laps of the Course (3km)
  • Youth – 3 laps of the Course (3km)

It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure they complete the required number of laps on the run.


This Race is conducted on a modern version of manual timing using an iPad based electronic system with us recording the times at the start and finish to give an overall time. This is one of the key ways we keep the cost of this event low for participants.

Your race numbers must be visible from the front in order for us to record your time.

Finish times are available immediately at the finish line.


BEFORE entering transition, you will need to put on your race number, which will allow you entry in and out of transition. Your child will need to enter transition by themselves in order to set their equipment out.


In order to reduce congestion no large bags or boxes may be stored in transition. All bags/boxes must be placed to one side or secured within lockers within the venue changing rooms. We strongly recommend that all items of value and where possible including transition bags are stored inside lockers. Locker Keys must be retained on your person or with friends/family/parents, not race marshals. Fullsteam Events shall not be held liable for any items that go missing from transition.

• No parental assistance is allowed in transition.

• Please take note of how the transition area works and your path through it as confusion on the day slows everyone down! There is no numbered racking, just places marked out on the racks, and different rows allocated to each number. The number range of each row will be signed at either end of the rows – this will be indicated on the Start list when published.

Being parents ourselves we fully understand the urge to find the best place to photograph our loved ones or to urge them on.  We ask that you please respect the marshals and the fencing and barrier tape that we have in place.  The Marshall’s are all volunteers and are giving up their time to enable the event to happen. Please respect this. Thank you.

Note: It is the competitor’s responsibility to know the rules of triathlon
and the race course.

BTF rules require competitors to be wearing a securely fastened bike helmet before they take their bike from the racking and not to remove it until the bike is back on the racking after the bike section.

In case of any accidents and emergencies we have first aiders located both within Woking Park. Marshals will be able to request a first aider so please ask them for assistance if required.

Spectators are most welcome at the race and have an opportunity to see the swim, transition, run and finish.

Good locations to view participants are
• Within the general public areas around transition.
• The Run course along its internal length or by the finish line.

Please cheer on all participants and not just those you are there to support


Results will be available to view on a laptop at the finish line.

No medals or prizes are awarded at our GoTri events as part of our low cost participation based ethos for this event.

If you have any further questions, please check the website,, where there are interactive maps of the course and more.

If you still need assistance, send an email to [email protected]

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