200m Pool Swim

Your race day will see you start in the pool and completing a 200m single lap swim (8 lengths). The event is single start with swimmers adequately spaced to give a spread of individuals over the course. You will swim from one end of the pool to the other before returning back down the opposite side of the lane, you will then pass under the rope into the next lane repeating the process 3 more times before exiting the pool and entering the transition area.
Transition 1 – Swim to Bike

Exiting the swimming pool you will leave through the fire exit entering straight into the transition area where you will dry off and change into your cycling gear. You’ll then put on your helmet doing up the strap and grabbing your bike wheeling it out of transition past the mount line where you will begin the bike course.
11k Open Road Bike

On exiting transition you’ll mount your bike and head out of the leisure centre, before completing two anti clockwise laps of the bike course. The course will see you pass through Mayford & Sutton Green before returning to Woking.

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Transition 2 – Bike to Run

Upon returning into transition you get off your bike prior to the dismount line, and run the bike back into transition, removing your helmet and once you have racked your bike, changing into your running gear


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3k Park Run

You’ll leave transition and run out passed the finish line into the park completing three anti-clockwise laps of the course before heading straight to the finish line – whatever you do, don’t forget to smile!