In recent times strength training has risen in peoples minds as one of the key ways you can both improve performance, improve overall health and reduce injury risk.
However many endurance athletes have no idea where to start or not confident in the techniques needed to safely train with heavier weights.
If that sounds like you then this workshop is the perfect starting point for increasing your confidence and knowledge about strength training.

During the workshop you will learn the essentials of strength & mobility training for endurance athletes.


– The key principles of strength training, how to plan your training session and make progress.

– How strong should you be and how to identify weaknesses.

– How to incorporate mobility work and warm up.

– A selection of key bodyweight and free weight exercise techniques.

– How to save time by training effectively.

When the workshop is finished you will;

– Know how to develop strength throughout the year going forwards.

– Incorporate this training with your lifestyle & endurance training effectively.

– Confidently setup and perform fundamental free weight, bodyweight and mobility exercises.

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