Do I need to have done an Ultra Marathon before

No as everybody has a first event at any distance. However given you are going to attempt to run between 30 to 50 miles over 10 hours you need to be comfortable on two feet and should train for the event accordingly.

Do I have to complete the whole 10 hours

Yes – in order to complete the event you must complete all 10 hours

Can I alternate lap lengths.

You will be rewarded based on your ability to complete 10 of the same lap. Once you drop down in distance you can no longer get the relevant award for completing 10x of a lap distance.

E.g. 5×3 + 5×5 may equal 40 but will not be awarded the same as 10×4.

Can I start the next lap early

The gate to start the next hour will not open until on the hour and will then remain open for 5 minutes.

The idea is you are all in this together for 10 hours, and all support each other.

How strict is the cut off.

The minions on the gate may play nice but more often than not the lap finish will close promptly on the hour. Make sure you’re back in time.

What happens if I fail to complete a lap within the hour

If you fail to return to basecamp within the hour you will forfeit the lap and finish there.
As the shortest lap is 3 miles and you have an hour as long as you keep moving you should be able to make it back unless something has gone wrong.


What is the terrain like?

The course comprises a mix of hard packed trail with small sections of woodland trail and heathland.

In terms of shoes you will require something with a reasonable amount of grip and cushioning.

What is the hill like?

I’d say it will start at a 7/10 for the first lap and generally get higher throughout the day.



Parking is free and onsite next door to basecamp

Is there a secure area for athletes kit

Yes we will have a dedicated athlete only area for kit.

Space for supporters

Yes the race village will have an area set aside for supporters at the finish/side

How is the race recorded?

The event is chip timed with your lap distances recorded so we can verify your accomplishment. These results will go out online so others at home can follow how you are getting on.

Do you provide Food/Water/Snacks

As a sports nutrition company needless to say there will be nutrition available during the event. If you intend to use our products during your training you may want to take advantage of some of our offers and purchase pre race.

What facilities are available on site

In the village there are toilets, space for dry changing and refreshments.