The 3 50’s

Hybrid workouts provide a blend of drills & conditioning and provide a good way to transition from a long but slow stroke technique to higher turnovers.

The point is to use the kick & pull set to sharpen up technique prior to a hard interval. The continuous nature of the sets provides for a challenging workout.

TIME: 45-60 minutes
FOCUS: Isolating the individual parts of your stroke via kick & pull then putting it all together for a hard effort.

WARM UP (600m)


200m Easy Freestyle into

400m Freestyle with hard efforts on the last 25m of each 100m.

MAIN SET (1800m)

12 rounds of;

  • 50m Kick
  • 50m Pull
  • 50m Hard Freestyle Effort

Try to keep to minimal rest using the changeover time between drills to grab a sip of water. Rest 10 seconds before the hard effort.

Try to focus on one area of the catch & kick then lift your stroke rate for the harder effort.

COOL DOWN (300m)

300m Easy Freestyle or Mix of Strokes to cool.

Stretch & Relax