Half of 400

Managing pace over distance can be a challenge particularly in races where it increases and decreases depending on the water, bottlenecks around buoys and mainly other swimmers.

This workout focuses on endurance whilst building the capacity to pick up speed when needed.

DISTANCE: 2000-3600m
TIME: 45-75 minutes
FOCUS: Endurance & Pacing

WARM UP (800m)

400m Easy Freestyle into

2x 200m performed as 50 drill, 100 free, 50 drill.

MAIN SET (1600 or 2400m)

The main set consists of a 400m interval sandwiched between 2x200m intervals. This would be the typical pacing of a sprint Triathlon distance race and when extended into multiple sets is typical of a long distance swim where the pacing increases around buoys and other sections.

  • 200m Hard
  • 400m Cruise
  • 200m Hard

Rest within the 800m’s should be kept to a minimum with a focus on switching gear’s. Between each 800 rest as needed up to a maximum of 2 minutes but most shouldn’t need this long.

Option 1 – Complete 1 round for 2000m

Option 2 – Complete 2 round for 2800m

Option 3 – Complete 3 rounds for 3600m

Progressions of this workouts should see less rest and faster splits.

COOL DOWN (300m)

400m Easy Freestyle or Mix of Strokes to cool.

Stretch & Relax