GoTri Training Plan

This is a simple training plan designed to prepare a novice for their first GOTRI event. The plan is designed for around 6-8 weeks before the race, if followed closely it will set you up nicely for your first race.

The plan is designed to slowly build fitness through consistency in training so try to keep to a regular schedule if possible.


Weeks 1-4
For weeks 1-4 we recommend you complete as a minimum one session per discipline for Swim,  cycle, and run. Aim to complete each training session on different days spaced throughout the week for 20-40 mins each.

Look to go a little bit further or compete the time a little bit more consistently each week so;

  • Week 1 – 20 Minute Swim/Bike/Run
  • Week 2 – 25 Minute Swim/Bike/Run
  • Week 3 – 30 Minute Swim/Bike/Run
  • Week 4 – 40 Minute Swim/Bike/Run

If you have a particularly weak discipline e.g. swimming you may find it beneficial to perform an extra session once per week and or seek coaching in that discipline.

Try to make the exercise part of your daily life and the cycle could be your commute to work. The run could be when ‘ walking the dog’.

All sessions should be performed at a steady pace you can aim to maintain for the whole workout.
Allow some time to warm up and cool down and stretch out any tight muscles.


Weeks 5-8
Continue to Swim, cycle, run each once per week on separate days for 20-40 mins each as in previous weeks.

In weeks 5-8 were aiming to get you ready for your first event so we recommend you perform 1 extra session each week as a combination of the above (e.g perform a swim then go for a cycle). This session should again total around 40 mins.


  • Week 5 – include Swim followed by Bike (cycle to the pool if you live close)
  • Week 6 – Bike followed by a short run .
  • Week 7 & 8 same as weeks 5 & 6 but test race kit if possible.


Want something a little more challenging?

If you want to make the training plan a bit more involved as you’ve decided to commit to the sport you could try using a couch to 5km training app alongside the swim and bike sessions.

Also try to swim more than once a week if you’re struggling with technique or join a local group to work on technique. More contact time with the water is the best way to learn to swim better, faster.