ATP: CSS Test 27/5/19

This week we’re testing with a CSS Test;

The test will consist of a 400m and 200m time trial swim with full recovery in between.

For this set, a warm-up is specified with the aim of achieving consistency in conditions between tests.


Warm Up

Swim 300m Easy

Swim a build set of 4x50m going progressively harder on each set.

3 minutes rest – full recovery


Test Set

Swim 400m for time.

3 minutes rest – full recovery

Swim 200m for time.


At this point testing is complete, use your remaining swim time to focus on endurance with a long z2 swim.


To calculate your CSS pace use your recorded times and the calculator on the Swim Smooth website:

CSS Calculator

This will give you your CSS Pace which you can use as a target for endurance swim sessions in the pool.