ATH “Double Uphill” 3/6/19

Today we’re working on power endurance and the ability to keep working once your initial power wanes.

For today’s workout following your warm-up find a moderate hill of 5-8% grade lasting at least 400m with a 100m run in and finish your warm up with an easy cruise up the hill and back down again. Whilst you’re doing use your GPS to mark out 100m, 200m and 400m on the hill using ether landmarks or something easily identifiable to you (sticks/rocks etc).

When you’re ready you can start;


3 Rounds of “Double Uphill”

100m – Hill Sprint

100m – Downhill jog back down to start

200m – Hill Sprint

200m – Downhill jog back down to start

400m – Hill Sprint

400m – Downhill walk/jog back down to start


1.4km Per Round

3.6km Total



  • All workouts should be proceeded by a thorough warm-up involving several km of easy running and a build up in intensity
  • You can use the same hill as last weeks workout for consistency and compare 400 times.