Fullsteam was born in 2015 as a company dedicated to delivering low cost, local introductory events to triathlon. As time went on our events outgrew that mould and the logistics soon became a full time operation, being joined by training sessions and activities and our own branded products.

Our events have become progressively more off the wall with a focus on motivational challenges alongside traditional competitions.

We continue to keep volunteering our time coaching local clubs, offering free meet ups prior to events, and we’re entering 2022 with a renewed focus on engaging more widely online with free training programmes and information plus competitions. This is all funded by the support we’ve enjoyed for our events, kit and nutrition. Your purchases directly help us, help you.


“We help aspiring athletes find their way through the noise helping provide the information, motivation, challenges and kit to succeed.”


Since my late teens I’d been a fat kid trying to get fit, spending a large amount of time between various martial arts and the gym, before finding the world of endurance sports. A chance conversation about Ironman back when not everyone knew about Ironman led to me signing up for my first endurance events and before long I was spending large amounts of my time racing, training and exploring the world of fitness, eventually ditching my day job to started personal training and coaching endurance athletes. From that passion I launched Fullsteam to deliver on my desire to provide those same high quality experiences I’ve enjoyed and pass on what I’ve learned.

Lee Brown – Founder


We spend our time developing and delivering new challenges, events and products and give back our time to our community through supporting groups and venues, providing free information on training and rewarding outstanding achievements.


You can support our mission by purchasing our products, following us on social media and attending our events.